From our research over the last decade, and our new research for the Global Learning XPRIZE, we know powerful things about learning that few others do. To help people everywhere benefit from this knowledge, we are developing software called the Foundational Literacy System (TM) to bring people of all ages up to speed in reading, writing, basic math, systems thinking, second languages, and computer programming.

Our software is powered by what we call “Black Swans of Learning” — methods of learning that are so powerful that most people don’t believe them until they experience them for themselves. We have discovered Black Swans in reading, arithmetic, second languages, and systems thinking, and plan to use the generalizable approach to develop Black Swans of Learning in other domains.

Black Swan Learning Corp was founded by Dr. Byron Davies in May 2016. Dr. Davies is a lifelong learner, having had the privilege of attending Caltech, MIT, and Stanford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His other learning venues include Texas Instruments (where he helped establish an AI laboratory), Motorola (where he led the development of a semiconductor wafer fab scheduling system), the Arizona School of Health Sciences (where he taught graduate-level medical informatics), and several start-ups. Dr. Davies has been working in education technology since the late-1990s, and has been Chief Learner and Director of K-12 Innovation at StarShine Academy for nearly a decade.