Advisory Board

We are proud to have an amazing group of people advising us on their own Black Swan contributions, on other Black Swan methods with which they are deeply familiar, and on how to succeed as a start-up company. These include:

  1. Steve Alex, a veteran CFO of several successful start-ups, and current CFO of
  2. Mihalis Eleftheriou, the founder of and the inventor of the Thinking Method for learning languages
  3. John G. Findlay, inventor and proprietor of the Zing technology for computer-mediated socratic practice, and visioning consultant to major corporations and non-profit organizations
  4. Francine Hardaway, Arizona’s doyenne of entrepreneurship, co-founder of start-up consultancy, and our connection to the Silicon Valley
  5. Trish McCarty, educator extraordinaire, ex-banker, and founder/CEO of StarShine Academy, a laboratory for principles-based K-12 schools
  6. Judy Ramirez, ex-teacher/speech pathologist, founder of, and one of the inventors of Sounds-Based Reading
  7. Jack Ring, one of leaders of the systems engineering world, one of the very few people with 60+ years of experience in systems thinking, and founder of Ontopilot